Sweaters, hats, scarves, hot tea, a good book as a partner for your rainy days … how many beautiful things brings us each year in the fall!

And yet autumn is the most critical season for the skin. In this period, in fact, stress from re-entry, smog, pollution, and excessive sun exposure in the summer months can contribute to boosting fatigue on your skin, increasing sebum production.

PERDERMA presents you the perfect allies to face best the autumn season from a skincare point of view and get prepared for the coldest season. Here are the fantastic 4!


Start taking care of your skin starting with exfoliation! The FACE SCRUB & CREAM scrub is ideal for eliminating dead cells, purifying pores and refining skin texture, giving it a more radiant appearance and a feeling of greater softness. Walnut shell and vitamin C will be your new best friends to enhance oxygenation of the skin and consequently its cell renewal. Not to forget also the next step, fundamental for a face that approaches to more frigid temperatures, Perderma has also united in a single product the phase of hydration! The revitalizing and nourishing cream is enriched with Centella Asiatica, a well-known emollient ingredient, and Vitamin E, an active ingredient that is extremely suitable for quenching the neediest faces. They will give the skin a healthier and more radiant appearance.



There is nothing more annoying than city smog! With the “air pollution” alert, protecting the beauty of the face becomes very important. Perhaps not everyone knows that the atmospheric agents of the smog cause the appearance of dark spots, extinguish the complexion and favor early wrinkles: all actions enemy of well-being. The Blue Antipollution Peel-off Mask with extracts of Green Tea, Korean Red Ginseng and Vitamin C, precious ingredients are known for their antioxidant properties, helps fight the signs of aging and remove impurities that settle in the pores during the course of the day, which make the skin dull, accelerating aging. Revitalizing cream with Centella Asiatica will help to better contrast the dull complexion typical of this period.



Don’t be fooled by its gray packaging! The Bubble Mask will serve to eliminate the dullness of the face in one fell swoop, giving extreme brightness. Thanks to the crackling of the bubbles and its unique formulation that combines the action of Marine Algae with that of sea Ginseng, for full energy that will reduce the signs of tiredness of the face and give a fresh and rested appearance.




Impure skin? The Black Mask of Perderma with Bamboo Charcoal is just for you. Its detoxifying and purifying action improves the appearance of the skin, rebalancing the level of sebum. From the first application, you will notice a softer, smoother to the touch and radiant skin! A real miracle against the various impurities you can run into!




Now that your skin is ready to face the autumn, follow our advice on how to best enjoy this romantic season by reading our blog Welcome Fall!

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