Every body is beautiful!

If in the past the concept of beauty has always been the subject of social discussion, so it was to be considered beautiful only what was exactly in the chosen canons of the time; today the movement BODY POSITIVITY breaks the rules!


It is a movement that aims to break down the classic standards of beauty, enhancing the individual in its entirety: appearance, size, disability and imperfections!

Yeah, you look good with acne, makeup, bacon, and even though you didn’t shave! Your cellulite holes are beautiful, your stretch marks are precious and your vitiligo spots are enchanting! It is precisely your (im)perfections that make you wonderful, unique and special!

In short, BODY POSITIVITY promotes values such as acceptance, self-respect, security and self-confidence, fighting sword-length body shaming and body negativity, within the members!


Many women are fighting for a more inclusive concept of beauty and it is thanks to Instagram if this movement has become so famous!

There are many accounts to follow:

personal trainer italiana

In addition to his knowledge of physical well-being, he speaks of body acceptance, especially related to issues such as cellulite, stretch marks and physical fitness. He gets naked in the first person, talking about his hip dips, as well as his cellulite and stretch marks!
Despite being often criticized for his physical fitness, for some not conforming to the ideal of personal trainer, he continues with his head held high, carrying forward the flag of the BODY POSITIVE!

content creator inglese

It shows itself without filters and especially without hiding its "problem" of acne! Izzie makes burrow SKIN POSITIVITY - theme always included in the positive body movement - sharing her story, her thoughts and the photos that make her feel beautiful and at ease in her skin! It shows itself for what it is, without the need for photoshop, helping so many young people to appreciate and love each other with their flaws and imperfections!

American journalist 

It invites women, especially younger women, not to compare themselves to the images they see on social media, as they are studied and altered through editing. He puts himself in the game in first person, showing how his body changes from relaxed to "posing", and how it is modified through the editing of photos and videos. It launches many positive messages of inclusiveness, in perfect BODY POSITIVE style!

curvy American model and mom

She proudly shows on social media his curvy body and what many mothers fear: the change of the body during pregnancy, which grows and relaxes, causing the appearance of red stretch marks and scars. All elements often considered taboo, body ugliness, but instead that lead to life and that is why they should be celebrated! In so doing, it inspires many women to love and share their (im)perfections on social media! 

The BODY POSITIVITY is therefore a current of thought that is good for all women but especially for the youngest, often insecure in the adolescence period and who try to achieve an ideal of non-existent perfect beauty!

Even Perderma in her little girl is fighting for an ideal of beauty more inclusive!
Our mission is to see you always happy in your skin and body! 


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