Christmas is the most joyful, magical and unstable time of the year!
The garlands, the lights and the December snow, conquer and fascinate every heart, even that of those who consider themselves more Grinch than the Grinch!

But how to capture all this magic?✨
We have created a mini guide for you to try your hand with during the holidays.
The undisputed protagonist will be…. the Christmas tree!!?

Get started with the tutorials!


Say goodbye to the usual photos in plaster in front of the tree! Below we leave you a simple and creative idea that everyone can achieve!
Once you decorate the tree, choose a reflective ball and place your phone so that it doesn’t get out in the photos, shoot and edit with the filters you like best!Voilà, a photo worth posting!

Video Credits: margaux_leo on instagram


How many times have you tried to take a picture of your tree to capture the light games, but only ugly and trivial photos came out?
We’ll show you some tricks!

Dim lights

  1. Pick up your phone, select the video mode and get as close to a light as possible.
  2. Touch the light and hold to focus and block the focus.
  3. Adjust exposure, step back slowly and enjoy the result!

    PS. The further you go, the more the effect will be marked!
Video Credits: befric on TiKTok

Precious lights

It looks like a filter but it isn’t! The trick is to use a cocoa butter!

  1. Lay your finger on the cocoa butter and soils the phone’s camera.
  2. With the video mode, frame the tree and the game is done! You just have to choose the shot you like the best!
Video Credits: befric on TiKTok

Heart lights

Another wonderful effect with which to conquer friends and family is just that!You will only need a sheet and a pair of scissors!

  1. Take a sheet of paper or a card and draw the shape you like best.
  2. Carve the shape so as to leave the sheet washed.
  3. Take the paper and put it in front of the phone camera. All the lights will take the shape of the card you carved. Crazy, isn’t it?
Video Credits: befric on TiKTok


If you have not done the tree yet and want to boast your instagrammer skills with friends and family, you will definitely not miss this tutorial!

  1. Mount your mobile phone on a tripod, so that it always remains stationary in the same position
  2. Open instagram, go to stories and from here in the Reel section.
    Frame the tree and throw the Christmas lights on the tree. Once you have done this, pause the video and set the lights as you like.
  3. Once you have the desired result, restart the video.
  4. Continue this way for every decoration!
  5. Once the tree is finished, click on the lower right arrow to see the final result. If the video doesn’t run perfectly, don’t worry, you can always go back and make cuts!

    You will amaze everyone!

Video Credits: thegracemattei on instagram

Now you have many ideas to put into practice!
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