In the last decade, South Korea has experienced profound changes in terms of wealth and lifestyle, probably due to the economic recovery that the country has experienced. As a result, the lifestyle has changed, now much more sparkling and open to expand or invade Europe and Western culture. The reasons for contact have increased especially thanks to the expansion of social media that brings different cultures closer, up to influence each other.

Seoul is not only famous for pop music (K-POP) and beauty products, but also for another fundamental element in Korean DNA: fashion.

Currently, South Korea maintains a style so unique that it has become an extremely recognizable trait in global trends, thanks to its expressiveness and originality. Bright colors, innovation, unusual shapes and enhancement of the different styles that reflect various personalities, the Korean Wave has also invaded the West.

The Korean style, which also draws inspiration from manga or comics, has been fostering youth trends for centuries, and we at PERDERMA have collected the must-haves to dress in fashion in Korea (and why not, even in everyday life.)

1. Very long jackets-coats: the watchword is OVERSIZE. Maxi, warm and enveloping coats that cover up to the feet, often with very bright colors.

2. Slippers: in Italy it has never been fashionable to wear slippers to leave the house, considered more a home accessory, even if in Italy it has become common to go out at night with these shoes, of which it is possible to find a large range of patterns available: elegant, black, simple, striped, with fur or embellished with glitter. Comfortable and stylish!

3.The very short skirts: One of the Koreans’ favorite garments is a very short skirt, even in the coldest winter days. This garment is approved by the Korean culture without any negative judgment. What is not appreciated is the exaggerated necklines, seen as a lack of respect. In Korea, we have a different attitude when it comes to showing forms, especially women. We Westerners can take advantage of their passion for skirts to draw inspiration from the collections. One more beautiful than the other.


4. T-shirts and shirts with stripes: horizontal or vertical, it doesn’t matter! Give a Korean shirt with stripes and he will be happy.


5. Floral dresses: flowers, flowers, and more flowers. With the arrival of spring, flowers bloom even in long or short dresses. But behind this choice lies a secret: these little dresses are in fact known for their slender silhouette. One more reason to choose them from the Koreans, traditionally minute in stature.

The floral dresses also bring a very romantic mood, which gives an innocent and idyllic air, the same that is sought and admired so much by the followers of the Ulzzang phenomenon.

The word “ulzzang” literally means “best face” or “best face”, and is pronounced oljang, it is used to indicate a current trend phenomenon that includes a white and milky appearances such as porcelain, large eyes, small lips and a love dispassionate for Candy colors. It represents a real status, a style of expression admired by all. So it is in line with the mindset of the Korean population, especially the new generations, extremely attentive to appearances because the way they dress is a great calling card of their own personality.

If you want to try this new and fresh style, here are 3 fast tips:

1.Hair: for boys the hair is of medium length with side bangs, longer in front than behind. The same also for girls but with slightly longer hair. The hair must be strictly dark, smooth and with natural colors.
2.Clothing: tight-fitting jeans and trousers of any color are recommended for boys. The shirts must be with vintage prints or with prints of characters from the animated series or other artistic drawings. Sweatshirts are also good for some extra sizes. For girls, short dresses in a predominantly romantic style with lace and lace.
3.Face and make-up: we know that Koreans are “obsessed” by the care of their face and also to be a uzzlang it is essential to have glowing skin and without any possible imperfection. Perderma recommends the Black Mask with Bamboo Charcoal mask, an excellent purifier ideal for fighting blackheads, large pores, and shiny skin. With the addition of Sea Ginseng, it will be a perfect elixir to give freshness and brightness, the same that all Idol Uzzlag are looking for.

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