Are you starting to think about the gifts to put under the tree but you don’t know how to orient yourself? Don’t waste time and start thinking about what wonderful gifts you want to give your loved ones this Christmas 2019 to calmly choose commonly used accessories, able to make everyday life easier and avoid wasting money or duplicate duplication in an intelligent way. PERDERMA recommends 3 really trendy ideas to impress:

1.Beauty kit

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give a loved one a cuddle of beauty, an opportunity to give time to devote to self-care, for this reason, even if the person to whom the gift is not a beauty- addicted, he will appreciate in any case because he will have an extra reason or excuse to take a break. The kits are perfect for contemporary nomads, always traveling and with an increasingly compact suitcase, but also for lovers of beauty rituals that never give up on beauty products. Traversal and easy, they turn out to be the ideal gift and increasingly favored by consumers. Here’s how to choose the perfect kit:

  • Opt for safe and quality cosmetics. It is important to always select the product that fits the greatest number of skin types and in particular the most sensitive ones, to be sure that those who use them will have no problem.
  • To amaze, look for products with the original packaging that differs from the usual packages.
  • Choose products that are also pleasantly scented and colorful. So that the gift is also perceived as a cuddle not only for the body but also for the mind.

2. High-Tech steel water bottle
Perfect not only for outdoor activities, for those who love trekking and walking, but also to take to the office or school, the stainless steel bottle can replace the classic disposable plastic bottle. Ecological but also resistant, it has a double insulation layer that can keep hot or cold drinks for up to twelve hours. You can choose in different colors and have an attractive and glamorous design. Do you want to combine ecology with tech? Choose the Smart Bottle that lights up gently to remind you to drink. The connection is made via Bluetooth to the hydration control app and a sensor inside the bottle will automatically record the number of ml of water drunk. The objectives are customizable and, even more, fun, it is the sharing of goals achieved with your network of friends, to challenge you to the last drop!


3.Gift Vouchers

The useful idea that you cannot use most? The gift voucher from your favorite store! Can be used to buy any type of product, it is ideal for those who want to feel gratified by the recipient of the gift according to their personal tastes. With the gift voucher, in fact, the receiving person will be able to buy what he wants by choosing what he needs most or most. An amount is allocated and to really guarantee the maximum freedom of choice, it would be better to give gift vouchers that can be used in different points of sale, which can also be used on several occasions. Only two tips if you opt for this type of gift. First, check the expiration date: better if it is long-term or valid for at least a year. Second, choose the store well: make sure to find out which store is preferred to have zero margins of error.

Perderma, on the occasion of Christmas, has created 2 beauty kits, ideal to give to those who are inspired by Korean culture to have a perfect and cared for skin.

The MAGIC MASK BOX, containing within it five masks, to hydrate and nourish every part of the body: lips, hands, feet, and face.

The STAR KIT instead, perfect for preparing for an evening or a special event, for a “star” preparation for the hair, the delicate area around the eyes and lips, so as to facilitate the styling phase and make-up.

The smartest way to take advantage of Black Friday? Anticipate Christmas shopping!

Take advantage of the BLACK FRIDAY to already think about the gifts to give to the people you care about most! 25% discount on all masks, even on gift kits.

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