After summertime, being able to appreciate an autumn month like October is really tough.
And let’s face it, he really does his best not to be loved: the temperatures are always dancers, you never know if it will be hot or if it will freeze in the cold and this forces us to give the worst of ourselves in terms of outfits…
How many of you are adopting the onion and sack of potatoes style this season?

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Not to mention humidity, the number one enemy of hair, especially for curly hair that goes from being well defined and lion-like, to shapeless and limp like the fur of a wet cat.

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As if that weren’t enough, tanning greets us and in some cases our skin seems to rediscover a new adolescence?
In short, it seems that in October a right one does not go! But … do we want to talk about the yellow and red colors that the whole city is colored with? Of the scent of chestnuts that invades the streets of the center? Festivals and walks in the woods??

October is a moody month, which has a lot of potential but which, as they say at school, “does not apply”.

To make you appreciate it more we leave you some beauty and travel tips!


The key to real beautiful skin is to cleanse your face both in the morning and in the evening, even if you have no makeup on! Repeat it as a mantra.

To add to your routine is the scrub (Cream Centella & Scrub Face), to be done 1-2 times a week maximum, it will help you remove impurities and eliminate dead skin from the summer.

An alternative to the scrub is the Peel-Off mask.

Finally, to counteract the dreaded pimples and blackheads, make a weekly purifying face mask and a nose mask.

For those who love adventure and strong emotions, we recommend the Tibetan bridge of Val Tartano (Valtellina). The highest bridge in the sky in Europe: it is a pedestrian path 234 meters long and suspended over 140 meters high that connects the two sides. To get there you will take a beautiful path in the middle of nature and after the thrill of crossing, you can refresh yourself in the refuge.


For those who miss the heat and summer, we recommend flying to Sicily and visiting Mount Etna, a spectacle also in autumn, both for the climate and for the colors and flavors. Oranges, wine, honey and the excellent Etnean chestnuts will keep your company.

Dear October, despite the pain you put us through, we like you!

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