"What's your plan for mid-August?"
There it is, the classic question that rolls your eyes at the sky.

If you have not yet organized anything special and ideas are scarce, here are many ideas to spend a day with friends or in the company of your better half
Don’t worry, whether you are on holiday by the sea, in the cool of the mountains or visiting a new city, you will find what is right for you!

Discover now all the activities divided by tourist destination:


During the period of August, the seaside resorts organize many events such as festivals, bonfires on the beach, the spectacle of fireworks!
But for a different day, we propose:



  • BOAT TRIP DAY: whether it’s a sailing boat or a dinghy, no matter, the important thing is to have fun, visit coves difficult to reach by car and enjoy the sea! The ideal would be to be able to hold the boat until evening, so as to toast with friends or with the partner while the sun falls in the sea, and have a place in the front row to enjoy the fireworks!




  • HORSEBACK RIDING: a super romantic idea to share with your half, at sunset! A sense of peace, freedom and romance that will be hard to forget! During the walk you can also enter with horses in the sea and not necessarily stay on the shore. After the excursion, book a restaurant on the sea, it will be the icing on the cake!


If you are a lover of nature and thrill instead, put away the classic picnic basket and rate one of these options!


  • - ADVENTURE PARK: if you love heights and are not afraid to throw yourself into the void, this can be a good option! Leave the path of the forest and try something more adrenaline with your friends or partner: climb trees, improvise tightrope walkers, jump from one bank to the other of the river... will be a real session of fun and training! In the evening relax, whirlpool and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate!


  • GLAMPING: an evening in a luxury tent, under the stars... what else? The ideal place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the comforts of a super equipped accommodation! Bring with you a telescope to see the stars, wires of lights to create the atmosphere and you will be ready to spend a romantic August!


There are some cities that are empty... but others that are repopulated thanks to tourists! If this summer you have chosen to visit some capitals, we suggest you to celebrate the August like this:



  • OPEN AIR CINEMA: a great opportunity to enjoy the typical street food of the place and enjoy the fresh air of the park where the event will be held! Get a big towel, pillows to be more comfortable, mosquito nets and a nice picnic basket to stock up on food and drink! The cinema always puts everyone in agreement, so a great option if you travel with friends!




  • DINNER ON THE TERRACE: the best way to get to know a city is from above and savour its tastes and tastes! A romantic dinner that will allow you to see the capital from a completely new perspective! A special idea to impress even the partner!

In short, now it will be a joy to be able to answer the question "What do you do in August?" but it will be even more fun to see the reaction of friends and relatives who certainly do not expect such a special organization!

Wherever you are in August, remember:

  1. always protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen,
  2. always applies an after sun product as the Perderma After Sun mask ,
  3. drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated*
  4. refresh yourself with the Freezable Wake Up Your Face mask.

    Happy mid-August!



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