How good is it to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning?
There is always a bit of emotion and many expectations... maybe too many, the disappointment is always around the corner!!

This is how we imagine the expression on your face, as you discard yet another ugly and banal gift, followed by a subdued "Thaaank you, I really need it!"😅😂

Here is the top 5 of Perderma gifts you would never want to receive!

Usually when you don’t know what to give, the first option is always the classic box consisting of shampoo, bubble bath and deodorant.
A gift that always makes a scene, too bad those who receive it always think "Do I smell?"😂

Another gift bought almost with eyes closed, is the makeup bag. Considered a passe-partout by the giver, so much so that it is always proposed to those who are not a fan of make-up. Why?🤷🏼‍♀️

A very personal gift, perhaps even too much! This road is always better not to go because there are two results: either you give Bridget Jones underwear with Christmas designs, or super uncomfortable bottoms! What happened to you?👙

Slippers would also be a nice thought, especially for those who always have frozen feet, but with the excuse that so much is an accessory to keep in the house, you always give those ugly and embarrassing that there are!
Like the slippers in the shape of troll feet or elf of Christmas! Thanks, but no thanks! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻😂

The classic little thought that you buy in quantity to get rid of the thought of Christmas gifts quickly. Usually these "adorable" knick-knacks are themed and mostly go the gnomes, which all at least once in our lives, we have seen in stores for the home. Too bad that if you are not already a lover of Christmas, let alone of the ornaments, these funny gnomes will end up recycled for a new poor wretch! 😖

You know, finding the right gift is not easy, especially if you do not know very well the person who will receive the gift! In these cases, the mantra to follow is: simplicity and usefulness! A nice pair of gloves for example, even if trivial, will definitely be exploited!

If instead you want to impress, without overdoing, a nice set of Korean cosmetic sheet masks is the best choice!

Don’t you agree with that?

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