Halloween is approaching and even if this year you will not be able to participate in major themed parties with friends, why lose heart?🎃
If you love Halloween and are not going to miss the coolest horror party of the year, follow our advice and turn your home into the perfect set for this anniversary! 👻

The choice of objects to decorate the house with is F O N D A M E N T A L E !!
Nothing should be left to chance.
To create the perfect atmosphere get candles, pumpkins to carve, skulls and cobwebs! You can also use technology to make it even scarier: a video projector is ideal for scaring friends by projecting holograms of monsters and ghosts onto the walls!
What do you think??

The menu must always be chosen in advance, so you can get the ingredients in peace.
Our advice is to prepare several appetizers all themed Halloween and not a multi-course menu.

Here are some ideas:
Saltines from the afterlife: mummified sausages and spider’s eggs, mixed with more classic pretzels, to satisfy all tastes!
Ghost pizza: so good that it will disappear in the blink of an eye
Monstrous cupcakes: you can make them chocolate, pumpkin or even experiment!They don’t have to be good.. but ugly!

Photo credits: mammafelice.it e lapulcetraifornelli.it
Photo credits: desiderimagazine.it

I also recommend the table should be themed!
A candlestick with long, tapered candles will be perfect as a centerpiece!

What would Halloween be without a costume?
The great classics are always in fashion: witches, vampires, zombies, Mexican skulls... Why not also take inspiration from the Addams family, since for many it will be a Halloween in the family?

We leave you some ideas of costumes that you can also realize at no cost!
Mexican Skull: What better way to test your make-up artist skills?
Witch: try your creative skills to make a nice hat!
Wednesday: it’s time to show off braids and blouses, but without being too bon ton!

Once you’re done teasing it’s time to pick the right movies to spend the most haunted night of the year!
Halloween filmography caters to all tastes, from real horror movies like The Ring and Jack the Ripper, to themed TV series like The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina, up to cartoons for children like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.

If you prefer a more immersive activity, you can have a murder dinner! Write a part for each character, explaining how and why he knew the "deceased" and what were the feelings towards him. Assign the parts and reveal the clues during the evening, discovering alibis, secrets and interactions. Who will guess the killer?

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