Missing one day at the most haunted party of the year!

Halloween as every year arrives and with him also all the most fanciful disguises, tricks, accessories, and decorations, to spend a creepy night in the company of witches, vampires, pumpkins, ghosts and imaginary characters. Every year trends change, although some trends are considered “evergreen”, timeless and always in fashion.

PERDERMA has selected the best outfits so as not to go unnoticed!

The undisputed novelty of this year is the costume of Maleficent, aka the magnificent Angelina Jolie who returns to dress the witch in the sequel of the Disney movie “Maleficent 2 – Lady of Evil”. The iconic and highly copied white face with very prominent cheekbones and pronouncers, horns and intensely red lips that create a balance between light and darkness on the face is already one of the make-up trends for the day dedicated to the dead. The eyes are enlarged with artisan eyeshadows and very long eyelashes.


Another cinematic character inspired by Halloween 2019 is certainly the Joker. Green hair, easy to make with washable colored lacquers and easily available in supermarkets or other stores. A deck of ad hoc cards and distinctive dress in its identifications green and purple colors will make the costume more current and of great scenic effect. As for make-up, you will need to have white greasepaint, eye shadow or liquid eyeliner, red greasepaint or lipstick and follow the instructions you can find in the various tutorials of make-up artists step by step. Cover your face with white greasepaint from your forehead to under your chin, covering your ears too. Then cover the lips with red lipstick creating a thick and inaccurate line on each cheek about three centimeters beyond the corners of the mouth. The line should curve like the Joker’s evil smile and blend into the white of the greasepaint.


If you want to pay tribute to one of the most successful TV series of recent years like the Throne of Swords, Daenerys Targaryan can be a great idea. Daenerys makeup is always simple and natural. A very light base, a pink powder eye shadow, a volumizing mascara, a pencil to define the eyebrows, pinkish lip gloss. For the hair, you can buy a wig or alternatively, if you have long hair, spray it with a spray dye for hair that is silver-blonde and styles it with four braids. The strong point is definitely the dress, to buy online or in specialized shops, and the dragons of plastic to take for a walk.


How about the Mexican skull – symbol of the celebration in Mexico in the Dias de los Muertos -? It is a very colorful and at the same time terrifying disguise. It will be enough to adorn yourself with different accessories, easily available at home or in specialized shops, such as colored flowers. The most important thing is obviously the makeup base, strictly white, to give a dark and surreal look. The eyes are surrounded by two dark circles of black, green, blue, as well as the nose that must be totally colored in black. To be more glamorous, you can think of dyeing lips with passionate red. They will give that extra touch of color while fully respecting the Mexican color tradition. Then free your imagination to best draw the remaining part of the face, with elements like spider webs, flower branches and curvilinear designs for an incomparable WOW effect.


Probably thanks to the flourishing of various sagas of recent years, the character of the vampire are experiencing a new spring. So what better occasion than October 31 to take on the likeness of your favorite dogs from sharp canines? Pronounced teeth, cloak in which to hide, pale face, marked smokey eyes, dark hair and blood-red lips are the basis to follow. The extra touch? The veins drawn around the eyes to be created with the eye pencil



Among the female Halloween costumes for adults, the witch costume is undoubtedly the most classic. It ranges from the sexy and scary version to the old and lumpy one. The length of the dress will determine the mood you want to give to the disguise: a tight mini-dress for a breathtaking effect or a long dress with a train for a more terrifying impact. The coat is mandatory: long, enveloping and ample. The pointed hat is now obsolete, especially if you want to pay attention to an elaborate hairstyle. It won’t take long for a themed trick, just knowing how to use the right colors will be enough. For example, the lips, in this case, will have to be dark, with purplish hues, even black if you want to be more daring. The face, preferably pale, will be the basis for a flawless smokey eye.


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