Good resolutions for the year that begins? Yes, but … start with the little things! Here are some tips to improve yourself and cultivate your daily well-being. PERDERMA has prepared a list of 5 key habits to follow immediately for 2020!

1. Start training!
Don’t underestimate the benefits of physical activity. The body sends us signals every day, it is up to us to interpret them. It is not necessary to enroll in the gym and set yourself going 3 times a week: a short walk every day is enough to carve out some time for yourself, to take some fresh air, to stretch your legs – especially if you do a job that requires you to sit a lot – or to walk the dog.

2. Read more, stay less on social media
Read. Do it for yourself. No matter what you read (comics, novels, essays, textbooks, newspapers, blogs, biographies, historical books), importing is dedicating daily time to reading something you didn’t know before, to acquire a new perspective and a new knowledge. And at the same time, learn to use social media less. It is not necessary to continuously update the Facebook wall; it is not even essential that you use it in moments of pause where you do not pay attention to what is happening around you, people or what you are eating. Not only that, the recurrent use of smartphones decreases cognitive and memory skills. Sometimes it’s also important to say enough, unplug (and) all this technology!

3. Spend more time on passions and people
As much as working and studying are fundamental in life, it is necessary to carve out moments to devote to oneself and loved ones. The two things could also be connected: if you want to start painting, dancing, singing, seek sharing with your truest affections: you will feel less alone and have all their support when you feel unmotivated or in difficulty. At the same time, offer your support and your love, because good relationships are all that make life better.

4. Traveling
Traveling around the world is a passion that unites practically everyone: we need it to disconnect from the daily routine, to satisfy the desire to discover new places and cultures, to open the mind. Make your 2020 the year of travel! He begins to organize holidays, airline tickets and places to visit now, so as not to arrive unprepared and close to the holidays, where he often spends more than he would like.

5. Take care of yourself
The most important person is you: do not underestimate yourself, do not believe that you are less than the others around you, do not criticize yourself, do not sacrifice yourself for someone who neglects you. You are special, you have to love yourself and live every day with the awareness of becoming what you really are. For this reason, always try to dedicate time to yourself, pampered with moments cut out for the care of your skin, body, and mind. Any advice? 20 minutes just for you with PERDERMA masks while you hydrate your face, hands, feet, hair…. In short, any part of the body! Search for your favorite on

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