November 26th is Thanksgiving Day in America!
Thanksgiving seems almost like an early Christmas: the families get together, the tables are set and the “guest” of honor is the turkey!?
In Europe this party does not exist, but we know it very well thanks to many movies and TV series!

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This day was born to thank (God, relatives, friends…) for what you have!
Traditionally they always celebrate at home and never at the restaurant.

The turkey is cooked meticulously following the secret family recipe, and is usually accompanied by gravy sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables and pumpkin cake

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After the binge eating usually follows the parade of Macy’s in New York, where you see parading inflatable puppets depicting toys and cartoon characters, alternatively, you watch American football!


This year it will be difficult for Americans to gather under one roof in a big party! How to do then?
The teleconference platforms will become the new meeting places, in which we will meet not only to eat together, to share the moments of the preparations but above all the recipes! How else to replicate the secret turkey recipe?

For those who do not know how to cook, can always resort to delivery!
There are many restaurants that offer home “the Thanksgiving Dinner Experience”, which includes not only turkey but also the side dish and dessert!

Once the banquet is over, communication with friends and family can still continue, to continue chatting or to comment on the game all together!

Must, a nice virtual hug to end the call!

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As tradition dictates, Thanksgiving is always the day before BLACK FRIDAY!

What better way to thank the people you love than by cuddling them?

Also on Perdma there is the BLACK WEEK with a discount of 25%, take the opportunity to make a little thought to your loved ones!?

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