The autumnal equinox was celebrated on September 23rd.

Summer is now a distant memory and slowly, with the first heavy rains and lower temperatures, we are witnessing an explosion of a thousand colors and shades of red, orange and gold on the leaves of the trees, which are so reminiscent of the palette of a painter. As if nature wanted to give us the last show before the landing for winter greyness.

Autumn is the most romantic and melancholic season and it is the perfect time to organize naturalistic escapes, enjoying an optimal temperature for long walks.

Did you know that the natural color change that the leaves of trees live in this period has a name? The phenomenon by which, from the end of September and November, the green disappears and leaves room for the well-known warm tones, precisely “autumn”, is called foliage.

Another typical activity of this period of the year is the collection of seasonal foods, such as mushrooms, chestnuts, grapes.

We at PERDERMA suggest  some destinations where you can fully enjoy all the benefits of this specific climate.


Destinations for the foliage

To admire one of the most fascinating foliage in the world, we recommend you visit London’s Hyde Park. With its 142 hectares, 4,000 trees, a lake, clean lawns and enchanting gardens, Hyde Park is a perfect place to see the countless autumn shades. This park is considered one of the oldest places in the city and, since its first opening, has always been the scene of numerous concerts, events and a meeting place for picnics and moments of relaxation. The foliage begins to fall from the old trees and fills the paths with red and orange leaves. Inside the park, there is the Serpentine lake which, in addition to dividing it into two parts, is also an excellent point to watch the leaves fall by taking a boat ride.

Few other places in the world can be as evocative as the Kromaleuer Park in Saxony where the Rakotzbrucke is located, nicknamed the Devil’s Bridge for its spectacular shape that seems to be haunted and make you feel immediately in a Grimm brothers fairy tale. The Rakotzbrucke bridge, which crosses the lake, is known for the reflection of its circular arc on the water. A perfect circle from any position you look at it. This park is covered by a dense forest in the middle of which rises a large number of ponds, ponds which in autumn reflect all the warm colors of the season. A real charm!


Ideas for going to mushrooms

If instead your favorite activity in the fall is going to the mushrooms, arm yourself with a small knife and a basket and start wandering through the woods in search of camouflage hats. We recommend Austria, which will know how to surprise you with its luxuriant nature and where you will find lots of porcini or pleurotus between a conifer and a deciduous tree.

The best destinations are:

Rosental, on the border with Slovenia and behind the Caravanke, is the “mushroom” area par excellence

– Gail Valley – between Carinthia and East Tyrol. Just Carinthia is rich in mushrooms due to the typically rainy climate already from mid-August.

To collect mushrooms, you have to be very careful and be true connoisseurs and experts in the field to avoid poisonous species. Furthermore, in Austria you can collect a maximum of 2 kg per person. There are many controls, so be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you risk penalties from 3200 to 7260 euros.


Proposals to collect chestnuts

If we think of the word autumn, surely the heady scent of roasted chestnuts will come to mind. In this season the chestnut woods and their thorny hedgehogs are ready to give the sweet tooth their fruits. Those who wish to set off in search of chestnuts and chestnuts have ample possibilities that will satisfy all tastes in terms of woodland specialties.

Chestnut groves are present in large numbers in Italy, particularly in Piedmont and Tuscany, as evidenced by the numerous chestnut festivals that make October a lively and tasty month each year and that every day introduce visitors to the most typical delicacies associated with this fruit : tortelli, cakes, farinate, jams and the ever-present marrons glacès, etc.

Specifically, we mention the Cuneo chestnut, a product renowned for quality and quantity, which everyone can access and Marrone di Mugello PGI, famous throughout the Bel Paese for its crunchy and sweet taste, and above all for its exaggerated size . Both of these chestnut varieties are protected and exclusive to Italy.


The wine roads

Autumn is also the time of harvest. France is one of the countries where there is a lot of attention to this practice, with lots of harvest festivals and numerous itineraries that allow you to discover the most beautiful and characteristic places for a weekend with evidently French traits.

Emblem of one of these itineraries is the beautiful city of Bordeaux, in whose surroundings the homonymous wine is produced, one of the most famous in the world. Bordeaux is a small rural town that, with its 5,000 hectares of vineyards, has become one of the world’s gourmet destinations. Tours on foot or by bicycle with stops in the most renowned wineries will allow you to taste the typical wine and taste the traditional local cheeses.

If you love bubbles, then Champagne is ideal for you: the mythical, iconic and beloved wine is grown in over 30,000 hectares of vineyards, dotted with thousands of wineries. This region, not far from Paris, is also a real gem where lakes and natural parks become one more reason to take a trip and enjoy a wonderful autumnal landscape.


The Perderma Autumn Beauty Tip

For functionality and colors, we recommend the Gommage combo purifying and exfoliating face of Perderma for this change of season. With its microgranules of walnut and vitamin C, in the first step it helps to eliminate dead cells and to refine the grain of the skin that is particularly affected by the transition from summer to autumn. In the second step, the revitalizing and nourishing cream with Centella Asiatica will give a healthier and brighter appearance to the face.

We are ready for autumn … and you?

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