If after a day of study/work your only thought is “Enough! Now I want to be the queen and relax!” , it is time to create a small corner of well-being and relaxation directly at your home!

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How? We’ll help you!


  • your favorite Perdma masks,
  • scented candles / incense / essential oils;
  • your relaxing music playlist;
  • a steaming herbal tea or a glass of wine;
  • a comfortable and comfortable outfit.


Choose the corner of the house that gives you peace and relaxation: it can be the bedroom, the living room or even the bathroom. Jackpot if you own a large hot tub! ?

Make sure your chosen location is tidy and well organized! You know, a neat and clean environment soothes your nerves and helps you relax. At this point turn on the music, arrange the candles in groups and create the right atmosphere by turning off the lights and lowering the blinds. Sit back*, take a sip from your steaming cup/glass of wine and apply the Lose Me mask that you love the most.

For a feeling of total well-being, we recommend:

  • Eye patches with Sea Ginseng: decongestant and revitalizing action, give the eye contour a fresh and relaxed;
  • Bubble mask with Seaweed: thanks to its relaxing bubbles, stimulates the oxygenation of the face, contrasting the greyness of the dull skin. Ideal to look more colorful and bright and eliminate signs of fatigue;
  • Cosmetic hand gloves with Aloe: excellent both to nourish dry and chapped hands, and to relieve redness and irritation;
  • Cosmetic Socks with Shea Butter: with emollient and softening properties, will make your feet smooth and soft like those of a child.

Now close your eyes and enjoy your well-deserved relaxation

Don’t be distracted by anything or anyone for at least 20 minutes! Just focus on yourself! ?

Gif Credits: giphy.com

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