Male skin care is no longer a taboo!

In recent years men have begun to have a beauty routine or to be more precise, grooming, an English term that defines the personal care of man, which until recently would have been unthinkable for the male people. Now, at the end of 2019, the scenario has changed and the man has no problem declaring to take care of himself. All the most prestigious brands in the beauty world have been experiencing a real market surge for a few years and are creating increasingly sophisticated lines specific to men.

There is nothing excessively vain or feminine about this: it is only a question of well-being and self-care. In this context, male grooming pays special attention to the care of one’s appearance and to the choice of ad hoc products for hair, beard, and skin.

Men are also interested in skin aging and relaxation of the skin, paying more attention to exposure to sunlight by adopting adequate protection. Small and correct devices that were rare in the male before. Further trending topics for men’s beauty is shaving: if once the growth of the beard was a bit imperfect and painful, now the cosmetic is used, especially in case of difficult skins and shaving. Surely the cosmetics most commonly used by men are detergents (shower gel, shower gel, shampoo), products for shaving the beard and fixing the hair, deodorants and sunscreens. However, in recent years the male population has paid increasing attention to both functional products (creams, gels and anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, firming) and depilatory products.

It is always advisable to be careful in choosing the right cosmetic. In fact, the skin of the male is different from that of the woman, which also varies according to the objective to be achieved. The man’s skin is thicker, more resistant and tonic, tending to sweat and less sensitive generally than the female one. This means that fewer products and less time are needed for the care of a man’s skin. But, for the same reason, human skin is more frequently fat and mixed, especially in the T-Zone (forehead and nose) where there is often a greater number of impurities, clogged pores and excess sebum on the skin.

For male grooming, a few steps will be essential to have a young, fresh and bright face. Here are the fundamental steps for a good routine:

Cleanse the skin: hand soap is not good for every part of the body, is too aggressive and risks drying out the skin. Instead, a mild cleansing gel is recommended for thorough cleansing.
Face mask: it is also important for men to give themselves a face mask once a week. There are so many purifying, revitalizing, moisturizing! In this Korean brands are real experts!
Face cream: with a different formulation than the female one, even the man’s face needs a product that can slow down the signs of aging.
Eye contour: the most delicate area of ​​the face needs more care, perhaps with products that contain hyaluronic acid to treat deeply and effectively any blemish to deflate the eyes from bags and dark circles and prevent wrinkles.

Also, PERDERMA has not resisted the charm of grooming and has specifically designed a product for the male people.

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