The return from vacation is always a bit 'traumatic, you have to go back to everyday life but sometimes it is really difficult to accept the idea that sun, sea and fun, are really over...

A recovery kit is what it takes!
It will soften the first weeks of return and take care of your psycho-physical well-being.

Create your own tailored routine, taking into account these three factors:

    As we know, there is no standardized skincare routine, it must always meet the needs of the skin.
    After a period of prolonged exposure to the sun and salt water of the sea, our skin will claim 3 things:
  • Nourishment and Hydration: not only for the face, but for the whole body! It is good to start with products with particularly rich formulations, in order to immediately counteract dryness and dehydration.
    Choose from which product to lose but be pampered:









  • Oxygenation: useful to improve the appearance of the skin but also to prevent and delay cellular aging! Oxygenating the skin on the return from the holidays is essential given the long sun exposure to which we have undergone. You can look for targeted oxygenation treatments or try the Lose Bubble mask that, with the addition of Seaweed will stimulate the oxygenation of the skin, giving freshness and brightness to the face!
  • Need for Exfoliation: to eliminate dead cells and refine the skin texture. It is good to clarify an important point: the scrub does NOT ruin the tan!! Many people think that exfoliating products are affecting the tan, but it’s just a myth! The scrub on the contrary, promotes cellular turnover, making our tan beautiful and healthy complexion.
    Choose on the market the exfoliating body that best suits your needs: mechanical, chemical, delicate or intense... but for the face, choose the mask Perderma Scrub with Walnut Shells + Cream Centella Asian!


A balanced diet is ideal for taking care of your body. Choose to follow a broad and varied diet plan that does not deprive your body of any macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). Not only will you see better physically, but you will also have much more energy to face the day



Fundamental especially for those who lead a sedentary life! Sport does not generate benefits only on a physical level, but also on a psychic level: it improves productivity at work, concentration and allows you to vent stress and free your mind.
So choose a sport you like, to follow at least twice a week!
If you prefer to take long walks and walk in the open air, dedicate at least half an hour a day to this activity!


Reorganize your ideas and create your own tailored routine!

Let it be a homecoming full of positive vibes!

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