Skincare is often considered a purely female activity, but it is not so!
In Korea, in fact, the k-beauty routine is a practice venerated not only by women but also by men!



Koreans consider skin care as an integral part of personal hygiene, an act of self-respect and well-being that is also taught to boys from a young age!  The ritual is slow but highly effective and is able to make the male porcelain skin!

As for women, the steps provided by the skincare for men are 10: double cleansing (oily cleanser + foaming), exfoliating, tonic, essence, serum, face mask, eye product, cream and sunscreen.
No discount is made, every step is essential!

In terms of consistency, attention to detail and attention to detail are no exception: having a good appearance is essential for Korean men, proof of this their soft, bright and unclean faces that often are the envy of women!


This concept of beauty and wellness unisex also arrives in Italy!
Just as pink is no longer just a child’s color, make-up and skincare become fluid and no-gender concepts, able to enhance male beauty, take care of it and increase self-esteem! 

Detergents, serums, tonics and creams also become the winning weapons of men!

One difference, however, is substantial: time.
If women are willing to devote even an hour to their beauty ritual, the man looks for a faster treatment. Perderma has the solution: the FOR MEN mask.

Inside it 2 products:
– Mask T Zone with volcanic dust and charcoal with purifying and oxygenating action ?
Sea ginseng eye contour mask with anti-wrinkle and revitalising action ?

A quick cuddle, to restore beauty and radiance to the skin!

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