It is said that the remedies of the grandmother are always the best but especially the most infallible... but if not? If they were only false myths?

For generations, beauty tips have been handed down that are not always correct.

It is time to end this vicious circle!
We discover 3 new false myths related to the world of cosmetics.

1. Those with oily skin should not apply moisturizer
False. Oily skins need to be hydrated like any other type of skin, the important thing is to do it by always choosing products with light textures.This skin type in fact, while presenting a problem of sebum production, needs to be treated with moisturizing products to be able to restore the natural balance of the skin and thus produce less sebumo.



Try Perderma hydrating mask with Hyaluronic Acid: a concentrate of hydration, perfect to be applied even during the summer season!

2. Toothpaste shall dry pimples

We have all followed at least once in our lives this false myth, but if erring is human, persevering is diabolical! In fact, toothpaste when applied to the pimple can cause irritation, redness and in the worst cases even erythema. Better to leave the toothpaste its only task: cleaning teeth.



Remember: prevention is always better than cure! Rely on Perderma Purifying mask with fruit extracts, a real cure-all to fight impurities!

3. If the skin pulls after cleansing it means that you have washed it well

Yes, maybe you washed it too well, so much that you also removed the layer of sebum that makes up the natural epidermal barrier of the face! After cleansing the skin should not pull, on the contrary, you should feel a feeling of freshness and softness.



If not, the product you are using may be too aggressive for your skin. Try Perderma face Scrub: a light scrub designed to gently clean the skin of the face and encourage cellular turnover. It is also combined with a cream Centella Asiatica to nourish the face and give brightness!

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