Skincare never remains unchanged, but changes are linked to seasons and needs of the skin!
Therefore it must be adapted to our way of life, in which not only food but also sport is affected!

We leave you some advice on the masks to use according to your favorite training! ????‍♀️


For those who live in the city, outdoor running is one of the best low cost solutions and is perfect if you live near a beautiful park!
The only flaw is the smog grazes our skin and is not great for our lungs… bleah ?

??Perderma recommends: the mask Peel Off Antipollution with Centella and the mask Hair!
The mask Peel Off Antipollution was created to protect the skin from smog. Its effectiveness has been awarded by Cosmoprof as Cosmoprof as Cosmoprof Skin Warrior Defense 2019!

The Hair mask is perfect for those who have a thick hair that often collects in tails or chignon because of sports. The elastic in fact tend to break the hair and make it much more fragile.Thanks to the Argan oil, with the known nourishing properties, the mask will invigorate the skin making hair strong, shiny from the roots to the tips!


Walking in the mountains or skiing, it’s fantastic: feel the fresh and sparkling breeze on your face, the air is clean and you see beautiful landscapes!
The snow makes everything better when it dyes everything white… except our cheeks, which for the cold are reddened immediately?

?? Perderma recommends: the moisturizing mask and lip patch!
The Moisturizing Mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid perfect for sensitive skin that is easily reddened!

The Lips patch, also rich in hyaluronic acid, is perfect for rehydrating your lips after being exposed to the sparkling mountain air!


Those who train at home have access to many activities: yoga, weights, stretching, zapping… we are joking ?
The hands are a very stressed part of the body at home. The skin of the face, on the other hand, if the closed spaces are not often airy, is affected by the “spoiled” air with the appearance of impurities.

??Perderma recommends: the Cosmetic Gloves and the mask Scrub with Centella!
The Cosmetic Gloves that thanks to aloe and shea butter nourish your hands in depth, leaving them smooth and velvety. Ready for your next workout!

The mask Scrub with Centella instead, is perfect to promote cell replacement and calm the inflammation and redness generated by possible impurities!

What sport do you practice? Do you prefer a targeted training with weights, a fun one like skiing or a walk? Write us in the comments!
Whatever your preference, remember to match the right skincare!


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