New season, new skincare‼️
The beauty routine can never be the same, it must adapt to the changing needs of the skin and take into account the weather conditions that surround us.
No, that doesn’t mean you have to find a new weather best friend...

But simply indulge the needs that every season brings with it!
If in winter the key word was to feed in depth, with the arrival of spring the first thing to do is absolutely LIGHT!
Goodbye winter greyness and welcome face bright and full of life!

But let’s see together step by step I can, the 3 basic steps to follow for a proper spring skincare!


The first step is never forgotten, like the first love. It will remain always and forever in our hearts. In this case it is your faithful detergent, oily or foamy, as you prefer! It is also good to continue to follow the double cleansing, so apply in sequence both detergents: first the oily and then the foamy.


Every great story, however, follows the removal... Everything must disappear, any trace of it, otherwise we could never return to shine!That’s why after the detergent is good to scrub, because it helps to remove all dead cells, stimulating cell renewal. On the market there are many types of scrubs, mechanical (rubbing) or chemical, we propose our mask Scrub with Cream Centella: a mechanical rubber, very delicate on the skin, followed by the application of a gentle amount of Cream Centella Asian, that in addition to nourishing the skin, will also revitalize the complexion.
You can do it three times a week!


Once we remove any residue, here we are ready to bloom again like a flower in spring!
In this task we are helped by our Bubble Mask, which in addition to making you smile because super funny, with its bubbles will stimulate the micro-circulation of the face, making it more rosy, colorful and bright!

To this you can also combine the Eye Contour mask with the Gold Powder: hydrogel patches soaked in collagen and gold, for a radiant look!

Pamper yourself with Perderma and enjoy this wonderful spring!! 🌻🌺

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