A famous saying says “season you go, skincare you find”!
Okay, maybe that wasn’t the proverb, but it’s still a mantra to follow!

Each season, in fact, brings with it new needs for the skin, and it is therefore essential to satisfy the needs, going to act on your own beauty routine! Let’s see together how!

If in summer you dare the fresh and light textures, with the arrival of the autumn season you begin to prefer nourishing and revitalizing products, to prepare your skin to the best of the arrival of colder temperatures. In addition, green light scrubs to restore brightness.
? Attention: this season we can see the appearance of pimples and blackheads, but do not panic, it is just a rebound effect, caused by the change in temperatures and the return to everyday life, often stressful!

So, the keywords of the autumn season are three: revitalize, exfoliate and purify! Pront* to discover the products Lose but more suitable?


Among the products “coach training”, to inaugurate the new season we recommend the Firming face mask, the perfect product to keep your skin soft and toned! The serum, in fact, contains two precious ingredients: collagen, famous for its firming and anti-aging properties, and hyaluronic acid, known to make the skin more radiant and hydrated!

Another must-have product are the Cosmetic Gloves with Aloe! Why take care of your hands this season? Because it is one of the areas of the body most exposed to climate change and yet it is often neglected, but from now on it is enough!Even the hands need the right level of nutrition and elasticity and with Perdma you have no more excuses: the smart touch function of the gloves allows you to wear them while using your favorite digital devices!


To gently exfoliate the face, the Gommage + Centella Asiatica combo mask is ideal! It is a mask consisting of two products: on the one hand a gentle scrub with walnut microgranules and vitamin C, to remove dead cells and refine the skin texture; on the other, a cream based on Centella Asiatica, famous ingredient in Korea and around the world for its restorative and regenerating properties! In short, a product in which you would like to dive!


Speaking of rebound effect linked to the appearance of anti-aesthetic impurities, the life-saving product in question is the 3-step nose mask of Perderma: a targeted and effective treatment for the removal of blackheads! Suitable for all skin types but not the weakest stomach… ?
Sceptic? Try to believe!


Your new skincare routine is waiting for you!
Visit the shop and stock up on these fantastic products!

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