Enhance the effects of the mask with the most "in" beauty accessory of the moment!

Taking care of skin is not boring!
There are many beauty accessories that help to maximize the results to have an even younger and radiant skin!
One of these is the jade roll, which we discover together today!

As the name suggests, the jade roller is a real device made of jade stone, at the ends of which has two rollers of different sizes, designed to treat in the best possible way the various areas of the face. Why jade? Because it is a symbol of nobility, perfection, constancy and immortality!

This instrument, now very popular, seems to be a novelty in the industry but in reality hides a long history behind it. Already in ancient China, it was used to massage the skin, stimulate micro-circulation and then make the face younger and brighter.


The jade roller can be used in contact with the face, or passing it directly over the fabric mask to make the serum penetrate more and thus maximize the results.

Important: the movements must be light, starting from the bottom and going upwards!

The smaller roller is used for more delicate areas such as the eye contour, while the larger one for larger areas such as cheeks, forehead and neck.

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The benefits of this tool are different:

  • improves the micro-circulation;
  • makes the skin more relaxed and radiant;
  • plays a soothing function on the redness of the face thanks to its stone that remains always fresh;
  • promotes the penetration of the active ingredients of the masks through the pleasant massage on the face. A double beauty treatment to enhance the action of the mask on the face!

A fantastic accessory that everyone should have in the beauty-case alongside their favorite masks Perderma!
Find yours right here! 👇🏼

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