Let’s talk honestly… how envious are the skins of Korean women, so bright and compact without the slightest sign of the passage of time? They seem almost ethereal!
The merit is now on everyone’s lips: their SKINCARE!
It is a beauty routine that reflects an approach to self-care deeply rooted in Eastern culture. It is to be executed meticulously because – according to the Koreans – only constancy leads to effective results; they are obtained over time and with the right products. For a skin that points to perfection!
More in detail, their beauty routine consists of 10 basic steps to perform one after the other… let’s see them together!

1 STEP: We begin with the cleansing to be carried out with an oily detergent that has the task of dissolving all impurities of the skin including makeup, sebum and excess smog.

2 STEP: The protagonist of the second step is a detergent, this time water-based, to be applied on the wet face so as to permanently eliminate any remaining impurities.

3 STEP: Then proceed to the exfoliation phase with a specific scrub. In this case, it is a periodic step and not daily, then averagely performed once a week. Perderma offers you the cream centella Perderma with gommage that thanks to its micro-walnut shells will gently remove dead cells!

4 STEP: The fourth step involves the use of the tonic to prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients that will be used in the next step.

5 STEP: It is therefore evenly distributed a facial essence, a particular liquid lotion very difficult to find in Italy, which brings further hydration.

6 STEP: Then we pass to the serum, considered a pillar of k-beauty and that anticipates the application of the cream. It is a real concentrate of active ingredients.

7 STEP: Finally we reach the most relaxing step that Perdima knows well: that of the fabric mask, a must-have. The shutter speed is about 20 minutes. Enjoy the moment listening to good music and traveling with fantasy! Those perfect to lose but for this spring period are: the mask for the neck, to give tone to an area that will be more and more discovered; the cosmetic hand gloves to soften a part of the body particularly tested with sanitized gels and cosmetic foot socks to relax at the end of the day your feet!

8 STEP: Then apply a cream specific to the eye area. Try our gold and collagen eye mask, perfect for illuminating the area and minimizing the signs of time!

9 STEP: Moisturizer is the ninth and penultimate step of Korean beauty routine. Necessary, apply with light movements on the face to absorb it completely.

10 STEP: Final touch. It is distributed if necessary or a sun protection factor to protect against sun rays skin during the day, or a night cream, to wake up with a rested and soft face!

Here are the secrets of k-beauty! Now you just have to respect them and…put them into action! Visit our e-shop and choose the perfect mask for you! We are waiting for you ?

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