The beauty of disposable masks of Perderma? They are all travel size!

This summer you will be able to take away all the skincare products you need, without having to face scenes like this!
You want to bet? 😂

Travel size products, are not only designed for those traveling by plane, but in general for lovers of holidays and adventure!

Let’s see together all the strength

  1. They are small, comfortable and practical to pack, so as not to take up much space;
  2. They do not exceed 100 ml of product, so even those who love to travel by plane, do not need to improvise little chemist and transfer the product into various vials. Rather uncomfortable especially if it is creams, masks etc... ;
  3. They face every possible need! The mini-size formats in fact allow the traveler to bring with him a different product for every need!

This summer bring with you the masks of Perderma!
They satisfy many needs, take up little space, have a truly spatial scent and a colorful and sparkling design like the summer that awaits you!

What are you waiting for? Discover here all the masks and start stocking them for your travels!


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