We are very close to Summer and if on the one hand we fantasize with open eyes on summer projects imagining ourselves with the salt on the skin or on the top of a mountain or on a walk in any city, on the other hand we have to clash with the current status quo that, with the change of season, causing to us a loss of energy waking up more and more exhausted and with the only desire to no longer hear the sound of the alarm! So… are we really sure that we are really prepared and ready for Summer time?

Perderma has found two solutions to make you shine during the summer also through the skin of the face.

The first allows you to quickly recover the right charge to start your day.


The FREEZABLE MASK will be the right energy boost that will allow to finally wake you up in the morning avoiding having on your face those signs of tiredness and fatigue that could be annoying during the various appointments and commitments of the day. Aloe and hamamelis will be the perfect allies to soothe, moisturize and astringe your epidermis and get you started in the best way the routine! A pleasant shiver to be kept in the freezer and thawed exactly when you need a shock treatment to revitalize and relieve the skin of your face!

Finally retrieved the right charge we could be ready for Summer but… are we sure to have really put everything’s necessary in the suitcase? Aren’t we forgetting something? Obviously nobody ever thinks or hopes to be a victim of sunburn but it is known that in the last years the sun has more and more harmful effects on our skin and even when we think we are safe, skin redness could be around the corner… for this it is better to have the right tools at hand in case of any eventuality! And Perderma has found the ideal solution also in this case.


The AFTER SUN MASK with its rich Aloe formulation, renowned for its soothing and calming action, vitamins E and C for their antioxidant and nourishing actions and seaweed for its antioxidant and reactivating microcirculation power, it will be the right remedy for excessive sun exposure – even involuntary or unconscious! Furthermore, its innovative waffle fabric has been designed to let the irritated skin transpire better, effectively conveying the functional substances of its serum. A 100% pure cotton mask, specific for all skin types and performing exactly from the first application! What are you waiting for? Perderma is ready and prepared for summer time… and you?

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