Let’s face it: how many of us have not been fascinated at least once, watching on television or in circuses, by young tightrope walkers intent on performing in amazing performances?

If until a few years ago the aerial acrobatics was reserved only to circus performers and acrobats, in the last few years the chances of coming into contact with this fascinating discipline have been amplified by combining showmanship and elegance in particular movements, rhythmic with music. More and more people are enrolling in these courses to take their first steps in this discipline and the reasons are understandable because they evoke a common imagination: the possibility of being able to fly, detach from the earth and find a new balance suspended in the air, having the only point of reference your strengths to be calibrated according to the instrument you use from time to time, such as fabrics, trapezes, swings, circles, pole dance, net, chains …

Moreover, the physical and non-physical advantages that this discipline offers are innumerable: greater body tone, assured release of endorphins (which cause good humor) and continuous training in adaptation and change. The moment you “take flight“, confidence in your abilities drives you to improve the perception of your body in space. Moreover, thanks to the total and constant presence of the acrobat-trainer, no danger should be feared!

But what exactly is meant when we talk about Aerial Disciplines?

It is an infinite world that draws inspiration from circus practices, born in France but become famous thanks to the “Cirque du Soleil” shows. In Italy, more and more schools and circuses are opening the doors to their art to reveal their secrets to all children, teenagers, and adults curious to learn to fly. PERDERMA – as Ambassadors of mens sana in corpore sana – we contacted Sofia Fiorilla, an aerial dancer, to make us reveal some secrets about this enchanting discipline.

Sofia, twenty-two years old, is originally from the province of Ragusa, in Sicily. His passion for dance has always distinguished and formed him over the years. Once she arrived in Milan for study reasons, she sought a new activity with which to try her hand and which allowed her to experience new emotions, always respecting her aptitude for dance.

Tell us about your first contact with aerial acrobatics.

My first ever contact was with pole dance several years ago. Then I tried another “tool”, the aerial fabrics, and I fell in love there! They immediately conveyed a strong emotion and a sense of incredible freedom never experienced before with any other activity.

The adrenaline and the freedom I feel when I get on aerial fabrics and begin to feel the detachment from the earth are unique, the feet no longer touch the ground and the heart goes to a thousand, but at the same time I feel free to “fly” in the air having only the emptiness below me.

It was not easy to find the best gym where to train but after a thousand searches, I enrolled in the Flight Club Milano, perfectly suited to these disciplines thanks to their high ceiling (more than seven meters) that facilitates all the movements and frees from the limits of space.

What does your training include?

Although mine is a hobby and not a profession, I try to train almost every day because it is a passion that grows more and more and I feel the need to practice to improve myself. Usually, my training consists of half an hour of warm-up and half an hour of exercises on the tools, and once a week I dedicate myself only to muscle toning. But all this can be variable: sometimes I train more, others less. It depends on how I manage to match the different daily commitments that life (especially university) puts in front of me and how I feel my body.

Have you noticed any changes since you practice this discipline?

The first obvious change is the biceps and arms that have begun to take shape and volume. It is the part on which you initially put more strength but over time you learn to balance the weight on the whole body, making productive workouts at 360 degrees because all the muscles are tense. In fact, “aerial tissues” are a complete discipline because they involve the use of both arms and legs to cling, as well as abdominals that are in constant tension.

Even the diet has changed: now I can say that I eat more because the energy I need is more intense. I never give up carbohydrates, meat proteins, and desserts, always putting skin and body hydration first with lots of water and fruit. Long live the sgarri, which are good for the soul and also for the body!

What advice do you feel to give to those who approach this kind of discipline for the first time?

Many ask if a starting point is needed, but I can say that the only indispensable things are motivation and dedication. The results begin to arrive already in the first weeks because they are intense workouts that involve the body in its entirety. However, it is necessary and fundamental to train properly, to be followed by competent teachers and with the right times, the body will be able to rise and support the most unthinkable efforts.

We at PERDERMA are curious: what are your daily beauty secrets?

I love taking care of my face and body, it’s a routine I never give up either in the morning or in the evening, with precise steps that I follow in order: double cleansing, with oil and micellar water, serum, eye contour cream and once a week I scrub the whole face because I have a type of impure skin so it is mandatory to be more careful with specific and targeted products. Face masks are another passion of mine, in fact, I really like trying new products. My favorite of Perderma is the Antipollution Blue Peel Off Mask, perfect for dealing with Milan’s smog! It helps to remove impurities that settle in the pores during the day and make the skin dull, accelerating skin aging.

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