In summer it is really difficult to stay in shape, the temptation is always around the corner, and how to wrong him? On the other hand, visiting a new place does not only mean going to museums or looking for views and breathtaking views, but also immerse yourself in the tastes and flavors of the place

So how do you stay in shape and not have to participate in apnea competitions to keep your stomach inside?
Take every opportunity to move!!

If you go to the beach, the beach always offers different forms of entertainment, many of which are also fun!

There are no more excuses, get up from the beach towel, arm yourself with sunscreen and sunglasses and go to the fun!

Whether you’re in the company of friends, or alone, a nice beach volleyball match will keep you moving for a while!
It will also be a great opportunity to make new friends and organize a real tournament, with a lot of prize up for grabs!

HEY WHAT- SUP? ??‍♀️
The SUP, also known as Stand Up Paddle, is a variant of surfing where you paddle standing on a board.
It looks easy, but it will put a strain on your balance and also your muscles. The efforts made to get back on the board, find the right position and paddle will be a great exercise for you!
Challenge your friends or your partner/partner, who falls first, the laughter will be assured and with them also the movement!

It seems trivial but swimming burns many calories and is also good for circulation!
If you get bored doing freestyle tubs, arm yourself with mask and snorkel and go exploring. Remember that the beauties of the sea are always hiding among the rocks!

Are you afraid of the “mini club” effect? But who doesn’t unleash the first hint of Macarena? Don’t get embarrassed and go running to dance!Remember that the goal is to stay in shape having fun!
In short, the beach offers many ideas to not stay still under the sun, just know how to grasp them!

We at Perderma always invite you to fill up on goodvibes and to apply the After Sun mask after each sun exposure to soothe and calm the redness. A real cure-all for the skin!

Have fun at all! ?

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