The make-up trends of 2020 bring with them radiance, colors and many new features!
We are sure that the new beauty proposals will please you so much, you don’t know which to try first! ?

Let’s see them together!


This summer you will hear so much about pre-highlighting, a new beauty technique aimed at making the face skin even more glow! ✨
The novelty is to apply the illuminating both before and after the foundation, so as to make the complexion brighter and radiant, as if it were your skin to shine with its own light. The final result is therefore very fresh, natural and “wet”.


The wet effect is also proposed for eye makeup, and it is so popular that a hashtag has also been launched on instagram: #glossylids.
For shiny and reflective eyelids will not simply apply a glitter eyeshadow, you will have to try to recreate the wet effect.How? Applying the gloss lipstick directly over the eyeshadow!

Among the other novelties we find a wide use of glitter, rhinestones and strass, real light points that will illuminate your face making your look glamorous and super cool!?

Finally, as a make up trend also stands out the mis-matched trend that consists in making up the eyes with different colors or in a complementary way!


As for the lips instead, as you will have understood, for this summer only lip gloss, goodbye dull colors! The lips must be fleshy, hydrated and free of skins! Go ahead in light and bright colors!

Make-up trends 2020 do not disappoint anyone!

As always we advise you to apply before makeup our masks: hydrating for the face, gold eye patches to brighten the look and lip patches to make your lips even more seductive!






















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