Summer 2020 brings with it many innovations in the field of "nail art"💅🏼

To better celebrate the arrival of holidays and the summer season, the watchwords will be:

- color, color, color!🌈
- very short, almond or rounded nails!😇
Did you expect that?

Before moving on to the roundup of styles, we want to remind you that to have soft hands and strong nails, you have to HYDRATE them often!We recommend our Aloe cosmetic gloves for deep hydration and strong nails!💪🏼


This type of manicure provides the application of a range of colors!
On each nail in fact, will be applied a different color of enamel, or the mass will be chosen two colors and applied in shades! Perfect for both the most daring and for lovers of the most classic manicure.

Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest


Alternative to Skittle is the nuanced style. The nail polish also in this case is tinged with colored colors both in pastel shades, and in brighter shades!

Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest


Did you think French was forgotten? But no! Here it is in a modern version, also super colored and proposed in completely new styles and shapes. French too is perfect both in pastel colors and in brighter colors!


One of the most popular nail art on Instagram at the moment. The Sea Nails consists in reproducing on the nail the drawing of a wave of the sea, with a lot of foam. Is there a better way to celebrate summer holidays?

Credits: Pinterst


What about the men?

For some time nail art has cleared the concept of male manicure, opening up to men a world of colors and possibilities!

Also in this case the colors are the protagonists of men’s hands and with them even the stickers!

You have surely seen the nails of Fedez, always in match with those of Chiara Ferragni, and super fashionable!

Credits: Instagram
Credits: Instagram

Now you are spoiled for choice! 😜

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