September is almost upon us and although our head is still in the clouds, immersed in holiday memories, the time has come to face the sad reality: it is September and we must come back to work!

Dry the two tears that have just scratched your face and recompose yourself. Nothing comes to hurt you! In life, you can face everything, it only takes to start on the right foot… or with the perfect outfit!

Waking up in the morning and already knowing what to wear is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and if you add to that the awareness of being beautiful and fashionable, then EUREKA!

To face September in the right way without abandoning the holiday mood, Perderma recommends:


Perfect for those sunny September days that warm up our skin and heart. To be elegant and dress with class, it is better to prefer the sand-colored garments and match them with a large bag and slingbacks.

Credits: Pinterest


Remember, the dress must be short, not shorter! ☝?

The mini dress is a perfect and elegant choice when combined with a blazer that fit wide. Make sure it is at least 10 cm shorter than the dress otherwise you will look naked. Perfect with low sandals or even with a heels!

Credits: Pinterest


Perhaps uncomfortable to go to the bathroom but a great choice if it comes to elegance and class.

The ideal is a jumpsuit from the lightweight fabric and the cut not tight, shirt collar or blazer.

Credits: Pinterest


Perfect for this period are also all those mid-season dresses characterized by short sleeves or 3/4. The ideal to go back to work or university because they are covering at the right point but at the same time cheeky.

Perfect to match with open shoes or even with sneakers!


To look your best and make your complexion shine even more, we recommend two of our masks:

  1. Cream Centella Perderma & Peel Off: excellent if you are passionate about peel off masks. Our was also awarded at Cosmo Trend as the flagship product of the trend “skin defense warrior”;
  2. Cream Centella Perderma & Scrub Face: ideal for those who prefer a light scrub.

Both masks contain the cream Centella, excellent ally to nourish in depth and soothe the skin of the face!


Now that you have the perfect outfit, a radiant face and we still hope a little tan, you just have to go to work and envy all your colleagues!?





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