Sun, sea and a fabulous tan…☀️??

but at what price ?!

Feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin is beautiful, as is seeing the tan marks left by the swimsuit, but always remember to sunbathe safely, otherwise we will have to talk about damage at the end of summer rather than benefits‼ ️
Fortunately, we at Perderma have thought of a mask specifically to take cover even after exposure, which calms and soothes any type of redness: the After Sun mask. Always apply after long days at the beach!
So you can feel completely safe in showing off the beach look with which you feel more confident and that best reflects your personality – even if it is succinct or full of strings!

What’s your?
Take notes with us on the latest 2020 swimwear trends to show off freely and safely the model that suits you best!?

The choice between the timeless bikini and the classic one-piece swimsuit has always been difficult.
Let’s see them together

This year’s trend includes completely different interpretations for this garment:

The sporty style is perfect for the most athletic or even for lovers of the hip-hop world. The peculiarity lies in the very high-necked top.

The 50s high-waisted bikinis have been depopulating for some years now, so much so that they are reconfirmed in vogue also for 2020. Perfect for the most nostalgic or even for those who want to disguise their belly!

Halfway between a classic bandeau swimsuit and a triangle bra. The peculiarity lies in the top which has a slightly rounded neckline, which can be embellished with bows and / or ruffles.



Dizzying necklines, a riot of straps, here is the reinterpretation of the one-piece swimsuit, used until a few years ago only by those who tried to hide their physicality.
2020 consecrates it as a mix of sensuality and elegance.

CREDITS: Pinterest
CREDITS: Pinterest


Obviously, regardless of the model chosen, go ahead with bright colors and multicolored shades.

This year the shades of pink, blue and animal prints are especially popular.

THE PINK: for the most romantic, which recalls the colors of the sunset?

LIGHT BLUE: which recalls the sky and the sea ?

THE ANIMALIER: for the most aggressive?

And will you be more romantic or daring? Write it in the comments!?

CREDITS: Pinterest
CREDITS: Pinterest
CREDITS: Pinterest


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