"Tell me what you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are", nothing could be truer!
Each of us has a recognizable and defined style that accompanies us every day of the year... even during the holidays of the Christmas period!

Let’s discover three styles, in which you will surely recognize yourself:

  • the party girl, who loves fashionable and eccentric looks;
  • the sporty girl, who bans heels while remaining stylish;
  • the bon ton girl, lover of elegant looks, linked to the festivities.

Which style do you look like?
Discover the outfits for this Christmas 2020!

You love to wear clothes that attract attention!Your two guiding words are daring and sexyness, and they are worth all year round, even at Christmas! Why hide under big red wool sweaters, with the face of Santa Claus?!
For you three mini dresses, strictly red, that will definitely make you the queen of the dinner!

Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterest


To the ban the heels and the dresses, prefer the comfort, but not for this you give up the style! The winter period allows you to show off lots of outfits and between jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters and hats, you have a look for every occasion and you will never die of cold!

Here are three simple but stylish looks that you can replicate during Christmas Eve in which the undisputed protagonists remain sweatshirts and sweaters!

Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterst


You have a dreamy, almost movie-like style,  where nothing is out of place.
For you to have a dress in line with the holidays is a must and allows you to fall even more in the Christmas spirit.

For a perfect match with Christmas Day, we recommend one of these three outfits, very different, but despite everything, elegant fashionable and worthy of a protagonist of a Christmas movie!

Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterest
Photo credits: Pinterest

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