t is a very fascinating and intriguing discipline that contains in a single word the two key concepts on which it is based: harmony and color.

The harmony more than a science, could be defined as the art of analyzing the personal colors of each of us (eyes, hair, complexion, lips..) to highlight them according to a criterion of color harmony.
In short, offers an extra weapon to enhance and look even more beautiful!💁🏼‍♀️ 💁🏻‍♂️

It seems easy to understand your colors friends, but in reality it is not at all! That’s why we decided to draw up a mini guide to give you a general infarinatura!


It starts by trying to identify whether your undertone is warm or cold, that is if we have an complexion that stands out more with warm or cold colors.
TEST: Close to the face of fabrics with warm shades such as beige, brown, orange… and then fabrics with cold shades like black, pink or blue.
Which ones brighten your face the most?
If it is the fabrics with warm colors, you have a warm undertone, otherwise if your complexion stands out more with cold colors you will have a cold one.

Seasons are the categories you are associated with according to your own undertone.
Each season has a precise undertone and a specific intensity.
By intensity we mean the shade of color that enhances us more (lower colors will be lighter, higher brighter).

Let’s discover the seasons in more detail:

WINTER – high intensity cold undertone





If you have light skin, dark brown hair and light eyes, you may belong to this season❄️
Cool and intense colors such as fuchsia, magenta, purple and blue, but also grey and black look very good on you!

Enemy colors: orange and beige.

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SPRING – warm undertone to high intensity





If you have an amber complexion and light/red hair, hazel or green eyes if you are you could be a spring🌷
The warm and bright colors like orange, salmon, coral, champagne and warm purple suit you very well.

Enemy colors: grey and black.

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SUMMER – low intensity cold undertone





Also in this case the complexion is clear, but you could belong to the summer season if you have delicate colors: brown-blond hair and blue or green eyes ☀️
The colors that give you the most are the pastel shades such as lavender, water green, pink, lilac, gray and blue.

Enemy colors: vivid and aggressive colors, especially orange.

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AUTUMN- warm undertone to low intensity




You could be an autumn if you have a warm complexion with brown hair and eyes 🍁
In this case, the darker colors of the autumn woods such as dark green, camel, mustard, copper and terracotta enhance you more.

Enemy colors: the cool pastel and cool bright colors,

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To the undertone and all’intensità are added then many other variables for which it would need an expert to explain it better and more in detail, but already understand the season of reference and the colors friends and enemies can make a difference!

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