After an absurd year like the one just passed, you may be wondering, "What will designers and cosmetic companies have invented for this 2021? Did the pandemic go to his head?"
At this point we expect everything, even if they have taken inspiration from the Mad Hatter of Alice or the director of Thriller by Michael Jackson!

Luckily, it didn’t hurt that much!
Below are the latest trends that will invade the 2021:

In fashion, this year the details that will make the difference are the FRINGES and CHAINS, considered an explosion of vitality and movement! So go ahead with clothes and accessories so decorated, which will allow us to regain the space around us and reaffirm ourselves with character and determination.

Photo credits: pinterest
Photo credits: pinterest

Another distinctive feature of this year are the BOOTS that reach up to the calf, allowing you to slip in comfort the pants inside them. This look does not only apply to more casual styles but also to suits for the office and jampsuit evening.

Here’s how to wear them:

Photo credits: pinterest
Photo credits: pinterest


In the field of make up instead, there is room for creativity!
Super fashionable EYE-LINER CHART, which allows you to play and enhance the eyes, in a whole new way!
For those who do not have the hand of the artist, ample space for glitter and colored eye shadows to enhance the look!

eye-liner grafico
Photo credits: Pinterest
Ombretto glitter
Photo credits: Pinterest


Finally we get to the hair! Unfortunately for lovers of long and thick hair, this year the fashion wants to give a clean cut with 2020, proposing haircuts short if not short, of which the protagonist will be the BANGS!
Among the most popular: FRENCH BOB in both smooth and curly version, PIXE CUT and SHAG CUT!

French bob haircut
Photo credits: Pinterest
shag cut
Photo credits: Pinterest
pixe cut
Photo credits: Pinterest

In short, the new trends, are not so crazy and as you may have guessed, take their cue from the trends of the 80s and 90s!
To be perfectly in line with that period, we propose our mask Hair, a cap rich in product, to be held for 10 minutes. At the end of the treatment the hair will be softer and smoother!

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