Armocromia, or the discipline of color, is not only applied to the field of fashion but also depopulates in the beauty world, from make-up to hair dyes.

This spring choose to dare with bold and colorful tricks that best enhance your face and your personality! If you still don’t know this discipline or don’t know what season you are, read the article “Armocromia” to quickly learn the basics!

Let’s start!


Cold undertone with intense contrasts:

Face: foundation and pink blush, never tending to warm colors like peach or bronze as they have a contrast too low and clash with the colors of the complexion

Eyes: if you want to experiment chromatically, blue, violet, burgundy and grey eyeshadows are to be preferred! If you want to play it safe one a black smokey eyes is always fashionable!

Lips: perfect matte lipsticks cool red or even burgundy to enhance the best tone of your skin and the intensity of your eyes.



Cool undertone with delicate contrasts:

Face: to better enhance the porcelain-colored skin opt for a foundation and a cool pink blush, with impalpable textures!

Eyes: the bare palette is a true passe-partout but you can also use pearl grey and light brown.

Lips: cherry red is a guarantee and a touch of lip gloss makes it even brighter and sensual!

High intensity warm undertone:
Face: neutral foundation but at the same time radiant thanks to the addition of a touch of illuminating! For blush you can dare with a soft pink.
Eyes: to enhance them the ideal are the shades of bronze, aubergine violet, antique pink and rust color!
Lips: to avoid mistakes an orange lipstick is the right match. Also approved strawberry color with a hint of yellow, apricot and salmon!


Low intensity warm undertone:

Face: golden foundation and bronzing ground for a “tan” effect throughout the year, which will enhance your complexion.

Eyes: The colors bronze, brown and gold are great. But if you want to venture you can try sapphire blue!

Lips: nude warm, coral or red lobster, discarded the burgundy as it would take light to the face makeup!

For an even more “wow” effect realize your look by applying first:

Hyaluronic Acid
Face Mask

Gold Powder
Eye Contour Mask

Hyaluronic Acid
Lip Mask

Have a good make-up!
Always #goodvibes! ?

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