The ’90s were a mix of different styles and trends, imposing itself in the common imagination as the years of “Clothes as you like”, really satisfying all tastes!

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Those cheeky years, in which hip-hop, grounge, casual and lolita, coexisted perfectly, are still super trendy! ??
You will have noticed how some trends are back to be super cool, covering the streets of our cities today !

We are sure that in your wardrobe and beauty case you will surely have at least one of these garments/tricks, in perfect 90s style!


Oversized jackets, high-waisted mom fit jeans, miniskirts, buttoned dresses on the front and petticoats, cropped t-shirts and shorts that show off the navel!
These are just a few must-have items that have experienced a revival and are confirmed as this year’s trends!

Modella con jeans a vita alta e t-shirt bianca
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Modella con giacca oversize, pantaloni di pelle ma dolcevita corto
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Modella con minigonna a balze nera e t-shirt bianca
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In the ’90s, nude makeup went a long way, going to enhance the lips with a nice red brick lipstick! This trend also emerges in 2021, which for those who do not like to wear too much makeup, is always the best choice!

If the skincare had already been in fashion in the 90s, surely the mask Perderma Seductive Lip Mask, would have been a must!!

Drew Barrymore
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Modella con trucco nude e rossetto rosso mattone
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Finally, moving on to hairstyles and accessories, the passion for crunchies returns in vogue: elastic hair in fabric, various colors and textures! Undisputed protagonists instead of hairstyles are the bangs and the space buns, double side chignon, super cool at the time as today!
Scrunchie: elastico morbido in tessuto
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Modella con frangetta
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Modella con space buns
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Amazing how fashions of 20/30 years ago, are still so current!!
That’s why you should never throw away anything, who knows that it will come back in fashion!! ?

And you have some ’90s memorabilia in your closet and beauty case?

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