With the arrival of heat, the summer’s most beloved hairstyle returns: the beach waves.

The waves on the hair have been populating for years and there is no star that does not show off this look. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short, curly or smooth hair: the beach waves are good for everyone because they exalt a natural but refined style, a style that recalls the natural waves of the sea, a symbol of freedom, lightness, and vacation.

But how do you do them at home? Here are two different ways to have perfect hair, with or without a plate:

Beach waves with braids: this is the most basic method for having wavy hair. First, wash your hair, dab it with the towel and dry it 80% with the diffuser upside down. Divide the hair into two equal parts and start to weave starting from the height of the ears, without tightening the weaves too much to avoid the frisé effect. After about 30 minutes you can already dissolve your hair and adjust it upside down but if you want an even more precise and long-lasting result the best thing would be to do braids in the evening before going to sleep so that your hair is braided all night long.

Beach waves with the plate: After washing and drying your hair well, use a spray on the tips to reduce the harmful effects of high temperatures on the tips. Remember that in summer the hair is more fragile and delicate than in other seasons so it requires more care and attention. At this point, divide the hair into small strands and start to curl! Do not start from the root but concentrate on the lengths to obtain a more natural effect. Also, try to make locks of medium size because the more hair you will be able to include in the same lock, the wider the wave will be. When you have finished passing the plate over all the strands, move your hair with your hands from the roots. To make the effect longer-lasting, spray a little lacquer over the entire crown.

Do you want an even more polished and healthy result? Treat your hair at the base with the Perderma Shining Hair with Argan Oil that revitalizes the hair and helps protect it from the stress of heat sources (hairdryer, griddle, sun) and from pollution. As for the face, even the hair needs to be hydrated so after washing it with your favorite shampoo, wear the mask on the hair, close the cap that contains the mask with the adhesive and gently massage to distribute the cream over the entire scalp. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse and you will immediately have brilliant hair from the roots to the ends!

Shiny Hair Mask

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