To each their own favorite outfit!?
This quarantine has subverted the rules of fashion: bye bye compelling and extremely elegant clothes and welcome comfortable casual ones!
You know, women are complicated, they love high heels, clothes that make them feel as beautiful as movie stars, but at the same time they can’t wait to get home to remove make up and relax on the sofa.

This rule really applies to everyone, even the most famous! Below we will show you how even celebrities have converted to a more casual look during this quarantine, still managing to maintain a certain style.
We are sure that you will be able to reflect in one of them!

Let’s see the styles!

ROMANTIC LOOK: Claudia Schiffer prefers the classic jumpsuit, a long and soft white dress. Despite the simplicity of the dress, Claudia embellishes it with a vest in warm tones, for a perfect look romantic and bon ton, but at the same time fresh and elegant.





CHEEKY LOOK: Many  of you will remember Jennifer Lopez with the breathtaking dress of Versace, instead here, full of energy and positive vibrations, she shows off a short and cheeky dress that leaves the back open. Perfect choice since summer is coming. Thanks to the wide skirt she can move freely and dance. The queen of pop does not wear any accessories, except for her beautiful smile! In this case, the “less is more” rule wins.






SPORTY LOOK: Chiara Ferragni has recently launched her new sports collection. There is no doubt that she knows how to convert an athletic garment into a glamorous and fashionable one. The spongy band, gold bracelets and oversize earrings complete the look giving it an extra touch that make all the outfit more chic.






OVERSIZE LOOK: Unlike Chiara Ferragni, Emily Ratajkowski adopts an oversized sporty look: handiness and comfort are definitely the keywords of this outfit! The extra large jumpsuit, boyfriend style, combined with a pair of flat shoes, make the look even more hip hop and youthful.






CHALLENGE LOOK: Giulia De Lellis launched herself into the #pillowchallenge! A really essential look embellished only by a beautiful belt and a bright red lipstick. On comfort we are a bit uncertain, but after all it is just a challenge that she definitely passed!! A fun and extravagant alternative to the classic pajamas!






If every look is always match with a perfect coordinated make-up, in this period of quarantine make ups  replaced with skincare!

Having more time to devote to themselves, many women have pampered themselves with made in Korea facial, well aware of the quality of Korean ingredients.

In short, this lockdown has allowed all women to rediscover themselves and get more comfortable with their body and mind.

And you, which look do you prefer? Have you found your favorite mask?

Perderma really offers a wide range, with which you can also involve your partner?

Leave us a comment under the article, we are really curious to know what quarantine women you are!???

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