September has arrived!

For most people, holidays are irretrievably terminated and return to office or university life.

After the days of bikini, colored sundress and open shoes, now there is room for much more sober clothing, perfect for facing everyday life behind the desk. Knowing how to wear clothing that is appropriate to the environment in which you work or study is important, as a recent study by Professor Karen Pine, a fashion psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, states, where she has shown that with certain clothes we are more careful and receptive, because “when you wear a piece of clothing, you unintentionally wear the features associated with that garment“.

So before going into the advice on the look, let’s remember the 10 things to avoid in formal contexts: these are not impositions or a limit to the right to be able to freely express one’s personality but each context has a dress code that, if respected, shows that the person has taste in elegance and in respect of the place where he is.

  1. Extremely torn jeans
  2. Shorts or skirts too short
  3. Sweatshirts and coveralls
  4. Transparent shirts for women and short-sleeved shirts for men
  5. Tanks and crop tops
  6. “Strapless” dresses with open shoulders or back
  7. Too high stilettos
  8. Accessories too showy
  9. Noisy bracelets
  10. Excessive makeup

For the man in the office dressing is certainly simpler: timeless and obligatory is the dress, perfectly ironed and preferably blue or gray. The shirt, also stretched and clean, classic and elegant, should be in very light and soft colors.

For an even more formal look you need a sober and poorly decorated tie. Crucial is the choice of trousers, which must be suitable for a man’s build: avoid those that are too tight, or extremely wide models with infinite knee-ups.

And the shoes? Classic, with laces, and thoroughly cleaned and polished. The color of the shoe must not clash with the rest of the clothing, as well as the socks, never white, which must be long and of dark colors.

For men at university: Whether for hot or cold days, look for a very simple outfit. Avoid plaid pants or i with very strong and bright colors. Better than basic jeans or plain plain trousers. A shirt and a sweater can adapt to the intellectual environment. Better to avoid sweaters with too explicit prints and drawings. A casual but nice look if you have to take exams, showing off a shirt or a polo shirt.

And for the woman? Dressing to go to the office is often more difficult than you think: A work outfit must be elegant, it must convey professionalism but at the same time also its own character.

Inevitable in the wardrobe of every business woman is the suit. Whether with skirt or trousers, can be worn with a shirt or under-ice. However, the important thing here is to be careful with colors and transparencies.

Would you recommend a complete must-have look? Black trousers, white shirt, black blazer and lace-up shoes. Formal and classy!

For girls at university we recommend jeans, cotton trousers, skirts above the knee and in this case sneakers and dallet  shoes are fine. Jeans or leather jackets on T-shirts or shirts are also good, to avoid t-shirts with cartoons, slogans or photos of your favorite group.

Important are the accessories, which must never be exaggerated in the form and above all, in the case of jewels, even in the clinking. Attention also also for the mobile phone! The smartphone is almost always in our hands, which is why it needs to be taken care of and cleaned. Avoid covers too tacky and flashy, they could reveal much more about you than you want.

Last but not least, avoid heavy and excessive make-up: focus on having a well-groomed and shiny face and if you want an even more rested and fresh look in the morning try the Perderma Collagen mask, a precious ingredient that with its properties moisturizing and revitalizing, it helps to improve the elasticity of the face. Then a veil of foundation, lipstick and a bit of mascara and et voilà, the day will start in the best way!

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