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  • Afer Sun Mask

    Soothing and Calming Face Mask.
    Nature on your skin: aloe, vitamin E, vitamin C, ginger, liquorice, schisandra, aromatic calamus, Japanese kelp (laminaria japonica), ulmus davidiana, viola mandshurica and dioscorea japonica, a perfect elixir to combat free radicals created by oxidative stress due to sun exposure.
    A true calming and balancing facial treatment.
    The microcellulose mask’s special “waffle” fabric effectively delivers serum to the skin while allowing it to breathe.

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  • Wake Up Your Face – FREEZABLE

    A face mask to keep in the freezer!
    The creamy gel becomes a thin layer of ice that gives a refreshing sensation when it comes into contact with the skin.
    Rich in natural ingredients like witch hamamelis and aloe which, thanks to their soothing, moisturising and tightening properties help to eliminate morning puffiness.
    Regenerates and decongests the skin.

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