Participate in the G.C.P. - Gran Credit Premium, it is very easy and convenient because it allows you to earn Coupon Codes and Reward Points to be used for your purchases that you will make on our site.
To participate in the G.C.P. an account must be registered on the website

Let’s find out what the G.C.P. Here’s how it works:


By placing your first order, you will receive a COUPON Code by e-mail for a 10% discount that can be used only once from the second purchase (validity of the 12-month coupon code)

  1. For each purchase you make, you will receive REWARD POINTS: you can see the points awarded for each product on the SHOP page of the site
  2. For each Review made on each product you will receive n.100 REWARD POINTS
  • Reward points can be used as a discount on the purchase of products sold on our site.
  • Reward points can be used at any time, valid for 12 months from the moment they are earned
  • Example value AWARD POINTS: 100 points = € 1; 500 points = € 5; 1,000 points = € 10; 5000 points = € 50
  • Reward points are not refundable or redeemable for cash
  • Reward points are cumulative
  • Reward points are visible on your Account
  • Reward points and coupon codes can also be spent on purchases simultaneously
  • Reward points are calculated net of the discounts used on the single order.
  1. You can also invite your Friends to purchase products on our site: the Friend you invite with Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, will receive a COUPON Code with a 10% discount that you can immediately use on purchases on our site ( validity of the coupon code 90 days);
  2. When your friend makes a purchase on our site using this Coupon Code, you will also receive another COUPON Code with a cash discount equal to 10% of the amount spent by your friend (180 day coupon code validity).

For example, if your friend makes a purchase of € 60, we will send you an e-mail with a Coupon Code worth € 6 that you can use for your next purchases on our site.


  • you can invite as many Friends as you wish.
  • Coupons are visible on your Account: for example, if you invite 5 friends, and 3 of these make a purchase on our site, you will receive 3 coupon codes each containing a cash discount equal to 10% of the amount of the order that will have made every friend.
  • Coupon Codes are used to reduce the purchase price of the products.
  • Coupon Codes are not refundable or redeemable for cash.
  • Coupon Codes can be combined with other Coupon Codes.
In your account you can see the Invite a friend, points collection and much more section.
See example: