Have you ever read of a great love story that has succeeded in approaching distant countries?

No, we’re not talking about Harry and Meghan, not even about  “The Holiday”. or “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

We mean the romantic story that led to Perdma’s birth.


It all began in 2015, when a young Korean man named Seul Kim flew to Milan for work. The young Oriental man loves Italy, he appreciates its history, art, good food and in his free time he did not miss the opportunity to visit the neighboring cities, walk on the lake and visit museums.


One day, his life changed: during a visit to a Design exhibition, Seul Kim was fascinated by a beautiful Italian woman: her name was Anna Milani. The woman was alone, so He took courage and approached her. The two began chatting spontaneously and discovered in a short time, to be perfectly complementary: he loved Italy and she loved Korea; they also both had a passion for design and creativity. Between the two, the spark of love caught fire!


It didn’t take long because the two fell madly in love and in 2017 they gave birth to their little creature: Perderma, lively as the colors of the rainbow, elegant in its simplicity as the Italian design, genuine sweet and special as the Korean nature.


Hello everyone, I’m Perderma! 👋🏼😊
That’s right, the one with the Korean cosmetic masks.
I thought it was time to get to know each other and tell you a little about me, my life and my passions!

What can I say... I am a very simple girl, sunny and often with my head in the clouds! Sometimes I’m a little distracted and I’m on the agenda, but if it all ends in a loud laugh, what does it matter? I love creativity in all its forms (art, music, fashion...), travelling with fantasy, getting to know new cultures and... HAVING FUN. Needless to say, I love Korean cosmetic masks perfect to detach from the hectic routine of everyday life and take care of your own skin! For important occasions I always use the STAR KIT. Just tonight I have an event and I decided to get ready with this kit: the eye contour, the hair and lips are perfectly ready! Now all I need is a little bit of make-up to be perfect! Now I have to go, someone rang the doorbell... who could it be?
At the door is Sara, my dearest friend, always too unpredictable! "Hi Perderma, how are you? You know tonight I should see that guy I told you about.. and nothing I wanted to ask you, if..." I have already understood everything. I place one of my LIP MASKS on her mouth. She remains speechless in all directions! You don’t need many speeches... friendship is understanding each other. Sara has come to make herself beautiful and relax her nerves before her date... I will help her this time too! 💜
I want to tell you a funny story that happened to me the other night. Having the evening free from commitments I decided to cuddle myself: after having had myself with pizza (I love the one with tuna and onions.. everyone has its flaws 🤣), I made popcorn and I chose a new movie to watch! I love thrillers, especially the ones that make you run a few shivers up your back 😆 I turn on the string of lights above my bed, I slip under covers and start to watch the movie. I was so busy, I didn’t even notice it started raining. Once the popcorn is finished, without taking my eyes off the computer, totally hypnotized, I applied the black mask, just to prevent impurities after all the crap swallowed. All of a sudden... At the climax of the film where a man is about to commit a crime, a thunder rushes out of my window and the lightning light illuminates the room! I hop in the bed and look out the window... but near it there was my makeup mirror, in which I see my reflection masked! I immediately screamed: "AAAAAH‼️" After a few moments of silence I realized what happened and... I burst into a thunderous laughter!😂
It’s so hard to get out of bed these days! Even for you?🥱 I have never been a morning person, but with the arrival of winter and darkness it's so hard to leave the bed...😖 Every morning, like a zombie, I drag myself to the kitchen and with my eyes still closed and smeared with sleep, I have breakfast: biscuits and Korean ginseng coffee are a must for a sleeper like me!🍪☕️ To wake up I have another infallible trick: in the evening, before going to bed, I always put in the refrigerator the ginseng patches of the sea and I apply them in the morning immediately after breakfast. The hydrogel in contact with the eye contour gives me an instant burst of energy! Also decongests the area, reducing bags and dark circles! A cure-all for not looking like a panda! 🐼
It’s already my mom’s birthday! But how much time flies?😱 I may be old-fashioned but I LOVE to make personalized birthday treats! For my mom, I made a beauty and well-being kit: she loves to relax on the couch with a nice scented candle and a fabric masks on her face! So I immediately thought of Perderma, who also makes the gift package, a salvation for those who, like me, are denied with ribbons, gift cards and glitter! My mom was very happy!🎁
Finally after so long, I have a special evening, but I’m always too undecided about what to wear‼️ Well... I’ll start with a nice hot shower and my favorite hair mask, Perderma’s!😍 It leaves my hair soft and shiny, perfect to celebrate the end of the year!! Do you have any advice?