PERDERMA is an innovative company founded by Korean and Italian entrepreneurs.

We specialize in high quality cosmetic products for the international retail market. PERDERMA products are developed by bringing together the excellence of Italian creativity with the excellence of Korean production quality;

 ITALY: Marketing, Design, Research and Development (R & D), Creativity
 SOUTH KOREA (Seoul): Quality and Production

We create our products to satisfy the beauty desires of women of all ages, safe and effective.

Mission: We let women relive their youth.

PERDERMA cosmetics defend the skin’s natural beauty, taking care of your Routine Skincare in a delicate, safe and truthful manner day-after-day.
We feature a wide range of certified products, in accordance with the European regulations CE1223/2009:

 Single use face masks
 Single use eye masks
 Single use nose masks
 Single use lip masks
 Single use hair mask
 Single use neck mask
 Single use cosmetic hand gloves
 Single use cosmetic foot socks

Why choose PERDERMA?

Korean cosmetic products, Made in Seoul, are one of the world’s most renown, innovative and high-quality beauty products. Perderma products have all gone through extensive dermatological research and scientific testing, aimed at offering the best cosmetics at a global level. The active ingredients that make up PERDERMA masks are one of the finest and most efficient: hyaluronic acid, collagen, niacinamide, allantoin, adenosine, pullulan, purifying fruit extracts, Korean red ginseng, sea cucumber (also known as the sea ginseng), gold, shea butter, natural antioxidant extracts, panthenol, glutathione, etc…

The range of PERDERMA products allow users to adopt a complete Skincare Routine, whereby all women can take full care of their own skin and body, starting from the most visible and exposed areas: face, eyes, nose, lips, hair, neck, hands, and feet.