2020 started by breaking all the rules and so the hairstylists decided to leave everything to chance or chaos… in fact this year the key word is "messy and cheeky look!"

The new "messy chic" trend  satisfies all tastes!

Before proceeding with the roundup of hairstyles, we want to give you some more advice to have shiny and silky hair as to the hairdresser: the secret is all in the mask and drying. Especially if you use the hot plate a lot, you should  wrap your hair at least once a week. We recommend you our  Shiny Hair Mask, which leaves the hair bright,  light and well nourished. The use of the hairdryer is essential! Before proceeding with the drying you must always pat the hair well, in order to prevent the  hair dryer to burn your hair. If you want to pull them with a brush always be careful to maintain a distance of at least 10 cm from the hair. Once you get the desired fold, give it a last pass with a jet of cold air to fix it all!

A perfect style as you go to the hairdresser!

Below we leave you also many ideas and mini tutorials, to be always fashionable with any cut!

Short cut
For those who have a really short haircut possibilities of style  are few but if you have a yoke there are many simple and fast hairstyles!


Medium Cut
Here you can do  many more looks: we range from the classic disheveled bun to braids, both perfect options for the arrival of summer heat. For those who prefer to have free hair a valid option are the beach waves, which can be obtained both with the plate as you can see in the  tutorial here below, or with a more natural method of which we have already talked here


Long Cut
If you have long hair you can really indulge your creativity!
With your length you can experience many hairstyles, for a look that is always different!

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